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Cheese gastronomy

Profitez d'un séjour pour découvrir le reblochon, le persillé, la tome blanche, le chevrotin
Make the most of your stay to learn about reblochon, persille, tomme blanche and chevrotin

 Reblochon Fermier

The king of Manigod’s cheeses, an appelation d’origine controlle ; it has been made here since the 13th century in the alpine meadows of the Massif des Aravis.
It is made morning and evening after each milking, from the Abondance cow breed, fed all year round on the fragrant grasses of the Aravis mountains.
A small green label on each cheese confirms the farm of origin (red label means reblochon fruitier made from the milk of different farms).
The reblochon is best tasted after 3 or 4 weeks maturing in the cheese cellar. Its delicate flavour has a delicate nutty taste. Reblochon is frequently used in the making of traditional recipees such as the Pela or Tartiflette, dishes based on fried potatoes, onions and bacon.

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Tomme Blanche

Unique to the Aravis. This is an unmatured reblochon, eaten like a fromage frais in the hours after it’s made. It’s eaten with salt and pepper accompanied by potatoes, salad and dried meats.


Chevrotin manufacture co-exists with reblochin for over 3 centures in the Aravis. This delicious cheese is made from unpasturised whole goat’s milk, using a similar method to reblochon production. It is matured in the cheese cellar for at least 3 weeks. A marker garantees its authenticity within the appelation d’origine controlle which was awarded in 2002.

The Persille

This traditional goat or sheep’s cheese is made from the milk of three different milkings. It’s matured in the cellar for at least 2 months. It is eaten in fine slices during the aperitif or to complement a cheese plate.


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